MedRide4U  Transport
"Providing Reliable Transportation For Medical Care"
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • No Fault Insurance
  • Special Insurance Needs
Scheduling a ride with MedRide4U Transport is simple:
.....You can set up an appointment for a patient to receive a ride by computer......
.....or you can simply make an appointment by phone...
       To place a telephone order call: 855-236-4241

Our schedulers will help you set up what ever kind of transportation you need.  You will find them friendly and ready to assist you.
For your convenience we can arrange for your transportation online.  To do so click on the image of the computer (below):
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:
What happens when my insurance allowance for transportation to my doctor's appointment runs out.... How can I continue to get rides from MedRide4U  Transport?

If my doctor's appointment takes longer, or is shorter than expected; will my driver still be waiting for me when I'm ready to leave?

(855) 236-4241
Often our schedulers are busy with other customers; you may have not gotten through to schedule a transport.  In this case please know that you are important to us and we will get back in touch to help you as soon as possible.
You will be directed to a very brief form to fill out so that we can 
get back to you right away.  We realize that your time is valuable and will make every    effort to return your call quickly.
For doctor's offices:  If you will click below, and fill out the brief form, we will get right back to you.  This will make the best use of your time.
FAX:  (888) 250-9786