MedRide4U -  Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
                            "Providing Reliable Transportation For Medical Care"
MedRide4U Transport is part of a family of services offered by the Daniel Southern Management Group. 

We exist to create value for our clients by providing needed services at a reasonable price by friendly, knowledgeable and committed staff. We believe that being compassionate and helpful makes sense, not only from a moral point of view, but also from the perspective of good business practice. 

MedRide4U Transport is focused on providing reliable transport when you need it most. When a person is sick, suffers from an injury, or wrestles with a chronic condition, they need to be handled with a special sense of caring and concern.

MedRide4U Transport is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients; making sure they have safe, timely and reliable transportation for their medical treatments.

Our full service and methods for driver recruitment are unique in our industry and insure a high standard of care reflected in your transport from beginning to end. We pick you up on time, take you to your appointment, wait for you until your appointment is over and then deliver you safely back to your residence.

Insurance companies and providers work with us to deliver our services at little or no cost to our clients. With their help we see to it that treatments are made accessible to all those needing them.  Here's how this works.  Of course our ambition is to provide our service to each and every customer by billing their insurance carrier for them.  This is done by contacting the insurance carrier and obtain an authorization form allowing us to provide this benefit to the patient.  Usually, this form will stipulate the number of, or duration of time these benefits will be paid under the patient's insurance coverage.  If the insurance carriers cannot provide authorization for what ever reason, the transportation, should the patient accept it, will become the responsibility of the patient and must be paid for in advance.  In this event, we will provide whatever assistance is needed to help the patient  fill out paperwork needed for reconsideration by their insurance company.  Often repayment, or even partial payment can be obtain by proper filing of claim for reimbursement, but this is up to the discretion of the insurance company and MedRide4U does not guarantee this reimbursement.

It is our prayer that all your medical transportation needs are met through our services and the association you have with MedRide4U Transport proves to be a genuine blessing.

The MedRide4U Transportation Team

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Our goal is to meet the unique needs of everyone
of our clients with the best service in the industry.
Dedicated to assisting better health care by providing dependable transportation to our clients.

Meeting the needs of:

- Personal Injury
- No Fault Auto Injury
- Worker's Compensation

Working with doctors and other care providers when insurance allowances restrict the number of visits a patient can claim - We're there to  help!

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